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Unlocking the 15-Degustation Menu of Code Grafiti

hellobali, Nov, 16, 2017

Innovation is necessary in the world of culinary yet authenticity has to remain preserved. Involving these two aspects into the restaurant, Code Grafiti helmed by Chef Bondan Yuliarso boasts a series of food list on the menu, fusing Balinese cuisine and modern presentation to be served. He has been behind the kitchen for more than 20 years, managing and developing menus and kitchens which all secret recipes on Code Grafiti’s menu were born from his creative mind.

Taking your palate for an adventure, you will delve into unique taste of various ingredients. For appetizer, meet Obat Nyamuk Lime Leaf Chili Paste. Yes, your food is literally formed as a traditional mosquito repellent (but don’t worry it’s totally safe). The blackened part of comes from squid ink that makes it tasty. Later you will also relish the Crab Meat-Sirsak (soursop), an extraordinary composition to test your gustatory perception, combining the malty fish taste with the fresh yet sweet and sour of soursop.

If you are worried to feel sick due to possible complex seasonings, on the list is slipped few of palate cleansers which one of them is Watermelon Sashimi. But it’s not the fusion of sashimi and watermelon literally, it’s watermelon slices plated as if sashimi. The super cold watermelon refreshes your palate from previous taste and formulates it to be ready savouring other menu.

At the end, prepare your belly to devour the impressively delicious desserts whether the Green Tea Pannacotta with lychee compote and basil pureé, Marlboro Coffee Doughnut or Chocolate Shell with coconut Mousse tarragon Juice, and salak pureé. They are absolutely a mouthful of heaven!

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