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An Exquisite Clear Bloody Mary - REVIEWS

An Exquisite Clear Bloody Mary

hellobali, May, 11, 2016

Mejekawi has always fascinated me with their obsessive dedication towards creating the best in everything they serve. An open kitchen island in the middle of the dining area shows how confident they are in presenting their works. Add to that the lush combination of copper pans, wide windows, wooden interiors, and somber lighting that make the establishment as one of the best in the business.


The F&B Manager, Bruce Bartholomew overlooks the bartending team himself – as well as being their master mixologist – in the past four years, and he certainly has created a lot of fan favourites along the way. Combined his vision and extensive experience and it results in Mejekawi’s masterpieces such as the Tomatini. Very subtly named indeed, but the taste is sure far from that. It tastes... spicy. Yes, Mejekawi’s latest concoction tastes like a liquid sambal matah – including the freshness and the punch.  Bruce simply describes it as “A clear Bloody Mary”, which is true. The hint of tomato also makes it familiar, but the rest is definitely taking that classic cocktail to a new level. It’s definitely not the case of “you say to-may-to and I say to-mah-to”, I’d order this over the ol’ red anytime.


However, Bruce declines to take all the credits alone, though. He admits he’s very lucky to have a very talented team with gifted palates and knowledge of local flavours. “I usually come up with a concept, then they will build from that. Offering their insights on what local ingredients that we could use. Before I know it, boom, we have something crazy delicious,” Bruce describes his daily collaboration with his team. “That?” Bruce says, pointing to the skewered sun dried tomatoes on my nearly empty glass, “It wasn’t there yesterday. They came up with that. That’s how great my team is.” Cheers to that, mate.





25ml horseradish-infused vodka

90ml tomatini mix


vodka horse radish

1 bottle of vodka

10g fresh horseradish

1 bay leaf


tomatini mix

3kg tomatoes

25g shallots

15g garlics

5g red chillis

50g lemongrass

10g salt

30ml lemon juice

50ml sugar syrup



Boil the tomatoes, leave it on ice water and then peel off the skin. Extract tomatoes using juice extractor to get the juice. Put the juice in a blender, then add the shallots, garlic, chillis, lemongrass, and ginger. Blend well. Add other ingredients, and vacuum it sealed. Boil it using sous vide method for 30 minutes in 60 degree Celcius. Freeze it. Strain with two coffee filters. Garnish with sundried cherry tomatoes, and serve.



Jl. Kayu Aya no. 9, Seminyak

T: +62 361 736 969

Daily 5pm-12am