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Habitat Ubud

South East Asian in South Ubud

hellobali, Apr, 05, 2017

Despite being the number one destination in Ubud, it doesn’t mean that all of us are willing to take the risk of being climbed by monkeys in the Monkey Forest. Instead, how about sitting down under the shade of bamboo roof and watch them fooling around from far, far, far away? Thanks to Habitat Ubud, it is now possible to watch those furry mammals scaring the tourists from a safer distance. The casual cafe with Southeast Asian inspired cuisine is the perfect place for monkey and people watching. After all, we know better than to just monkey see, monkey do, don’t we?

food& drink
The thing that I enjoyed the most about Habitat is how customizable everything is. A vegan, an omnivore, and a meat lover can all sit here and enjoy a tasty meal. Take my vegan friendly starter, for example. The tightly wrapped Vietnamese Spring Roll with vermicelli and vegetable fillingwas delicious, especially after I dip into the pool of Hanoi sauce. A meat lover will be pleased to know that it can be ordered with additional chicken, roast pork or cured salmon. The same additional topping or meat selection could also be applied in most of the dishes.The savoury and freshly cooked Pad Thai was definitely my favourite, while the BanhMi Black Pepper Chicken made my friend go gaga.
They also collaborate with Bali’s best suppliers for coffee, pastry, and gelato. The pork is sourced from a free-range sustainable farm in East Bali, a reassuring fact that as the customer, we got to eat the freshest and best quality produce. I closed the long luncheon with a cup of coffee and leaned back on the sofa, watching the people and the monkeys go by.

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True to its name, Habitat Ubud is a melting pot where interaction between food, culture, people, and nature are alive and happening. It opens for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The place tends to be busy at lunch time, so come early to get the best spot.


Habitat Ubud
Jl. Monkey Forest No. 88X Ubud
T: +62 361 971633