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The Indigenous Rijstaffel Experience  - REVIEWS

The Indigenous Rijstaffel Experience

hellobali, Mar, 01, 2017

True to its aquatic namesake that can be found swimming inside one of the aquarium in the premise, Arwana Restaurant at The Laguna, a Luxury Collection Resort & Spa is renowned for serving fresh catches of the day daily. Two seating options are available, inside in the air-conditioned room or outside in the breezy beachfront of Nusa Dua. Spoiling their guests with the seafood fiesta in Fisherman’s Night Out every Tuesday and Friday evening or the popular Sunday BBQ by the Beach apparently is not enough. Arwana intends to elevate their dining experience offers further with the recently launched Indigenous Rijstaffel Experience.

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Rijstaffel is an elaborate meal adapted by the Dutch in Indonesia during the colonial time. The decadent dining experience consists of various meat and vegetable side dishes with rice. It features an array of flavours, textures, ingredients, and colours – in short, the best way to savour the taste of Indonesian cuisine in one seating. After a serving of Jamu, a herbal conconction which said to be beneficial for digestion, I was served with the heart-warming Sop Buntut and its hint of fragrant nutmeg.

Arriving next in a stellar line-up that made my foodie heart aflutter were the ridiculously good 12 dishes with a basket of rice. Beloved Indonesian dishes from the island of Sumatra, Java, and Bali are served and cooked authentically. Take the fresh and crunchy Karedok with its raw vegetable and tasty peanut sauce or Rendang, the excellent braised beef in coconut milk and spices. Bali’s own Sate Lilit Ikan and Tuna Sambal Matah represented the rich tradition of spices in local cuisine. There were parcels of steamed tofu and fish tightly wrapped in banana leaves and the fattening-ly good Be Genyol, stewed pork in ginger, candlenut, and sweet soy sauce. Last but not least, there were also six kind of traditional desserts before you call it over. Glutinous, rich in coconut and palm sugar, they made the perfect company for coffee or tea. Try the Klepon and make sure to tightly close your lips when you chew on it. You’ll thank me later.

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If you have never had the experience of Indonesian cuisine, this is a very good chance to do so. The Indigenous Rijstaffel Experience is served every Monday evening at Arwana Restaurant. For just IDR330,000 net per person (adult) and IDR 165,000 net per person (4-12 years old children), travel back to the olden days of rijstaffel tradition and experience the best dishes of Indonesian cuisine. Reservation is recommended and by all means, do come with an empty stomach.


Arwana Restaurant 
The Laguna, a Luxury Collection Resort & Spa
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