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An Elevated Street Food Experience

hellobali, Sep, 08, 2016


Established on JalanDewi Sri – which houses casual eateries, third-wave coffee shops, and elevated warung, Moringa offers all of those under one sleek roof. The grey facade gives a sneak peek of the enhanced simplicity inside; if it wasn’t for the massive pop art samurai mural near the entrance, you might just miss it. The grey base continues inside with the unplastered walls, but again, enhanced with splashes of bold colours. I personally love the separate smoking area on the back that overlooks a small garden and a koi pond, but the main attraction is murals of royal Asian ladies, Bruce Lee, and Mandif himself across from the bar in the main area. Mandif? I hear you wonder. Yes, Moringa is the latest brainchild of chef and restaurateur extraordinaire Mandif Warokka of the Teatro Gastroteque and Blanco par Mandif fame.


Taking a different turn to the two aforementioned fine-dining predecessors, Moringa is an unassuming, laid-back joint that serves Asian comfort street food like vegetable fritters, asparagus fried rice served donburi style, and my personal favourite – which seems to be the signature of the place too, the chicken noodle. The noodle is an obvious reminiscence of Indonesian-style mie ayam complete with fried wonton skin, and wonton soup (it’s even served in the modern take of the classic rooster-print noodle bowl used in most warung), but the dish is taken to another level with the addition of sous-vide egg. Other than those mentioned, the menu also has yakitori and other light bites, selections of salad, pasta, and steak. The menu isn’t a long one, but you can taste the significance of quality ingredients and refined methods in each dish. Save some room for dessert because the pannacotta is to die for!


On the beverage front, Moringa pays a homage to the healthy lifestyle with cold infused monk tea, traditional homemade organic turmeric drink, and special infused drink for the day. Other than those, the place also serves a selection of soft drinks, mocktails, squash, and coffee. Speaking of which, the coffee here packs a strong punch; Garfield would have loved it!

in a nutshell

Like I said earlier, Moringa is a classy summary of what the neighbourhood is all about – it’s a casual eatery that serves third-wave coffee, and elevated warung food. The place is chic, comfortable, and strategically located. Try having lunch here - you might run into me.


Jl. Dewi Sri no. 9A, Kuta
T: +62 819 9900 9222
Tuesday-Sunday 11am-10pm