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SereS Hotels & Resorts to Open in October 2017 - NEWS-BUZZ
Oct, 20th 2017
BY Putri Wedasari

SereS Hotels & Resorts to Open in October 2017

Welcome to the SereS Springs Resort & Spa, A Luxurious and Secluded Retreat cocooned by Bucolic Beauty and Panoramic Views on the Serene Outskirts of Ubud, Bali

Welcome to the tropical serenity and holistic charm of Ubud – the BalineseHindu cultural and artistic nexus of Bali and home to our SereS Springs Resort & Spa with a full frontage along Wos River. Located in the Village of Singakerta, just 5 kilometres south of Ubud town centre, about 14 minutes by car.

Blissfully nestled amidst luxuriant valleys, rivers, waterfalls, and ensconced by Bali’s iconic rice padi fields, SereS Springs Resort & Spa is a sumptuous and sedate five-star getaway that is culturally-inspired by Bali’s ritual-rich traditions and practices to deliver an authentic and unique experience beyond compare.

As the sister hotel to the highly-rated SenS Hotel & Spa – a four-star boutique hotel in Ubud Town Center, guests can also enjoy the eclectic vibes of Ubud’s town center with complimentary shuttle services between the two properties. Soak up the serenity of SereS by morning, explore SenS and the artistic capital by afternoon, or take your pick day-by-day with the best of both worlds, whether you’re looking for a private getaway or an outdoor adventure in the heart of Ubud’s cultural hub.