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My Warung - NEWS-BUZZ
Jan, 17th 2017
BY Pradana HBG

My Warung

New Choice for Brunch in Canggu

Indonesian globetrotter Juan-Pierre Anthony, and Bali-based French-Canadian chef Hugo Coudurier of the Guy Savoy Paris fame have joined forces to open MyWarung in Canggu and Echo Beach. The food joints were ignited by the idea of experiencing all the greatness of a humble warung but with world-class culinary standards. The homey joint is adorned with an eclectic jumble of pre-loved furniture from all across Indonesia, and serving simple, uncomplicated western and Asian food prepared with the best ingredients – a showcase of Coudurier’s culinary vision and expertise. It will be interesting to see what Coudurier – who used to whip up fine dining menu – has in store for the unassuming, laid-back MyWarung. And with prices that range from Rp.20,000 to Ro.75,000, it’s definitely worth checking out!