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read to their story about the island from two perspective


Indra Santana

After spending most of his college years surfing, midway through his adulthood Indra resumed his role as head of the family. He took up a job as a marble salesman, slowly building stability in both his personal and professional life. Six years later, he quit and opened his own contracting firm, while building and running his very own lovely villa complex – Sri Abi Ratu Villa of Ubud. And he’s not even 35 yet. hellobali talks to this patient, hard-working, ambitious man about his deep but modest love of the island.


I know it sounds trivial, but for someone who has lived in Jakarta – and regularly visits the capital – this matters a lot. You can get practically anywhere in minutes here in Bali. Except during the dreadful long weekends, that is.



I admire how the traditional culture here is still an important part of everyone’s everyday life. I particularly love it when it’s the Galungan/Kuningan holiday season. Such great festivity and a colourful atmosphere all-around.


Fresh Air

Again, this basically concerns the traffic. The air here is still pretty clean compared to other big cities. There are still plenty of lush trees, parks and open spaces that aren’t reserved for parking or construction. And then there’s that bright spotless blue sky – which we enjoy every day here.



As an outsider who has lived here nearly half of my life – and my entire professional life – I deal with the Balinese people a lot. Their reputation for being kind-hearted is totally deserved. Once you get close to an islander, he or she will treat you like family. So lovely.



Bali is a melting pot of so many people from all over the world. As someone who enjoys forming new bonds and networking, it’s both a great experience and an opportunity. Where else can you go surfing and bump into a Portuguese man on another board? And end up having beer with him at sunset later?



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