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Elizabeth Rahajeng

Indonesian lifestyle blogger and future fashion icon Elizabeth divides her time between modelling and styling for acclaimed brands in Jakarta, interviewing industry mavens such as Alexander Wang and Diane von Furstenberg, and travelling to exotic corners of the world, which she writes about. Even so, this Javanese beauty adamantly calls Bali her home. She talks to hellobali about her love for the island and why she can’t ever leave it for long.

The Food

To say I love food would be an understatement. There’s something about biting into an amazing dish that makes me really, really happy. When it comes to food, Balinese cuisine is the most interesting that I’ve ever tasted! Its unique flavours, spices and seasonings are truly one-of-a-kind. Among my favourites are babi guling (suckling pork) and lawar (mixed vegetables). And I’m utterly in love with sambal matah (chilli paste with lots of raw onions and coconut oil), my favourite sambal of all time.


The Spirit

The Balinese way of life revolves around spiritual consciousness and is deeply rooted in Hindu culture. Although I am not Hindu myself, I have great respect for its teachings and perspectives. In Bali, religion is part of life from morning to night. One of the things I find so beautiful about the Balinese is that they view every day as a celebration. They don’t wait for a special occasion to honour life and everything it has to offer. This attitude forces you to see the world with new eyes and be appreciative of what you are given, as well as what you are not. Every moment is a special moment, how awesome is that?


The Art 

Bali has one of the most celebrated art scenes in the world. I absolutely love how the island is filled with incredibly talented painters, craftsmen, dancers, jewellery makers, sculptors; you name it. Art is scattered all around the island. However, Ubud is considered to be the centre of Balinese art and culture. As someone who works in the creative/art industry, one of my favourite pastimes is going to museums. My parents instilled in my two sisters and me an appreciation for art at a young age. As a child, I spent hours just staring at paintings and sculptures. You can see why Bali has a special place in my heart.


The Natural Beauty

Everybody knows Bali is blessed beyond words with natural beauty. With its dramatic volcanoes, soaring seaside cliffs, green rice-terraced valleys and jaw-dropping sunsets, how could you not fall in love? I’ll never forget the first time I saw the serene blue waters of Menjangan, and the lush greens of Tegalalang rice terrace. Those sights will forever be etched in my mind. Bali continuously reminds me that to truly be one with yourself, you must be one with nature. And when nature looks this damn good, I could not agree more!


The Gelato

There’s one thing you need to know about me. I will never (and I mean never) say no to gelato. It’s simply one of life’s greatest pleasures, no?  Frozen, creamy, delicious goodness is not a joke. I can spot good gelato from 15 feet away. I love Bali because Bali is filled to the brim with gelato parlours, or gelaterias. In fact, I’m pretty sure you can find one every half-mile. Yes, I think I’ll stay.

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