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The beauty that has graced many cutting edge fashion pages all over the island and beyond, has started modelling since she was 12, and had become a professional model by the age 13. In between her busy schedule trotting all over the world, she talks to hellobali about her love for the island.

Melting Pot

Bali has the mix of nationalities one usually finds in a major western city, but here I also feel closer to nature. I have a sense of freedom here and fewer rules, which makes me more independent and at the same time more responsible. I am a mix of so many nations and cultures, so I’d like to think of myself as a part of the melting pot that is Bali.



Bali is unique. It is one of the best places in the world. It is different in so many ways. It has everything most cities have but we are closer to nature, even with all the development. Thanks to the culture and the good weather, we are very aware of the astrological cycles and nature. I couldn’t have asked for a better place to live!


The Gems

My favourite things about Bali? I know amazing people. There are a lot of fine restaurants. I love to be in nature and go around the island. There is always a new place to explore! Also the fact that there are so many creative people and a whole fashion scene here is inspiring.


The Plan

In 2016 I am focusing on Europe for my career, and will be spending a great deal of time there. But I see myself always coming back to Bali forever! My mother and grandmother are based here. Bali will always be my home!



I do have a secret, unknown place that I go to while in Bali. But I won’t tell you, because it wouldn’t be a secret any longer if so. [laughs]

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