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read to their story about the island from two perspective


Virky Juanda

The manager of BURO Concept Store has an extensive background in operational management, from retail clothing stores, book stores to dining places. We rap with the 27-year-old Jakartan on why he’s been making Bali home for three years now.


Bali has this island vibe like no other. There are a lot of friendly people with constant smile, and here it’s a stress-free environment. It's such an enjoyable place to live in compared to big cities, especially like Jakarta.


Secret Beaches

Beach is a common thing in Bali, but the secret onesare such a gem. I love exploring untouched beaches with clear water, soft sand, and no one around. And I've found quite a few secret beaches throughout the years I've lived here.



This one is a no-brainer I guess. Where else can you see an amazing sunset at the beach right after you get off work besides Bali?


Dog Friendly

I'm a dog person and just had a new beagle. You can basically take your dog anywhere on the island without bothering anyone, it’s rare to find that in other places.


Dining Scene

I love trying out new eating places. The island's food scene just keeps getting better and better, and there's always a new joint popping up every week.


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