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read to their story about the island from two perspective


Fadi Alturk

The Lebanese man who grew up in northern Sweden was once the resident DJ of the legendary 66 Club, before becoming the entertainment manager. Although he’s currently still spinning at Cocoon Beach Club, he now has his own property venture called Semua Porperties Bali. We rap with the family man who has been coming to Bali since 2001, but now calls the island home after he got married in 2007.

The Culture And People

Bali is like a melting pot, where people from all over the world come to live or just to enjoy the vacation. I love the vibes that these people bring, but I also love how the locals adjust towards it. Balinese people live in their own set of culture and preserve it beautifully.


The Weather

Not having to wear four layers of clothes is truly a luxury for someone who grew up in a cold country like me. Just to feel the sun shining on my face while driving my motorbike everyday is the reason that I live here, and I wouldn’t trade with anything else.


The Clubs

What can I say, Bali is Asia’s Ibiza. Whereas Ibiza only has five months peak of party season, Bali has an all year round party scene. There are always new places to hang out, new festivals, and a newly renovated old club bringing its old glory. Bali has everything you could have asked for. There are events happening in Bali almost every weekend.


The Freedom

I guess I am one of those people who think that there are too many rules and regulations living in Europe. We have to plan every single thing from getting public transport, mortgage, doing laundry and even our retirement. For me it is not really living, it is just surviving. What’s the point of reaching the target, but missing all of the fun? While in Bali we can still make up our own rules.


The Lifestyle

There is always something for everyone here in Bali. Even though living in Bali is not as cheap as it used to be, but we can still find some places that offer really good value for the money. Here, you can get the quality of life with reasonable price. Like getting massage, eating good food, and going to events that may not cost that much. I also love that as much as I have to work five days a week or more to make money, I can still have a break by getting drinks with friends while watching the sunset.

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