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Bali vs Jakarta Part 3

hellobali, Jan, 30, 2017

the hipster eateries


Have you ever come to Sisterfields ( and immediately got a table? Or being served your ordered food in under 15 minutes at the homey chic Warung Cahaya? Neither have we. Most people might decide to go to another place, and try their luck another day. But Jakartans have such remarkable patience. Of course if they would stand on a two-hour queue for a cheese tart back home, why not do the same for a plate of breakfast in the heart of Seminyak? Another custom they pick upon arrival is the sudden interest on eating pork. The baby back ribs at Naughty Nuri’s (, and a small portion of the inconsistently priced Babi Guling Pak Malen have become a customary destination. Lastly, there’s the dessert; the usuals are the decadent cakes and high tea at Biku (, usually to kill time waiting for a late flight), or the obvious assorted artisan gelatos at Gusto ( – have you seen the ridiculous line on a daily basis?


the sunset cocktails

The epitome of Bali trips everywhere: basking on the sunset’s glow (when it’s not cloudy) in a fancy cut bikini, and with a glass of cocktail in hand (again, other accessories such as sunglasses and hats are optional but usually favoured), while everybody in the pack takes turns in that golden hour to take that one perfect Instagram shot. The classics have always set the standard on this sunset-pictures business, that’s why KU DE TA ( is still filled to the brim every dusk. The hipster mecca Potato Head Beach Club ( defines the term beach club with their Miami-style pool and lay-around lawn – making it actually impossible to find a place to sit around 5.30pm. While Rock Bar (Instagram @rockbarbali) offers a whole different game with their snazzy cliffside-meets-the-ocean construction. It’s all about picturesque designs that make these beach clubs stand out and popular – and Instagrammable. The more modest La Plancha (Instagram @laplanchabali) makes its name with those colourful bean bags and umbrellas, as opposed to Woobar’s ( cosmic pop-art facade. On the other hand, Finns Beach Club at their new location tries a contrasting approach by only combining brown bamboo and blue pool with maximum results.


the all-nighter

A four-day three-night long-weekend trip for Jakartans will not be complete without at least one night of crazy dancing and getting boozed up with their faces down on the floor. Once it gets too dark to go to the beaches, and all the restaurants have taken their last orders, it’s time for the night clubs to light up. Most parties will start at Motel Mexicola ( because of their festive decor and of course the infamous Tequila Hour. Mirror ( and Jenja ( are the “it” clubs right now, and they cater to the more serious clubbers with proper lighting and sound systems – the Jakartans love the latter so much, they have one Jenja in Jakarta now. Eventually, if you don’t mind bumping on other sweaty, and rowdy people any night of the week, there are always La Favela ( and Sky Garden (, the best choice for an all-night-long bash.