Sweet Spot
Seminyak’s food street, Jalan Kayu Aya, is so last year. Jalan Petitenget
is now Bali’s life pulse where all of the most stylish and creative crowds
gather. Frestro is within a touching distance from everything that is
currently cool, hip, trendy and awesome in Bali. Dine here, have a few
drinks, and enjoy nearby Bali nightspots after midnight.
Four reasons to visit Seminyak’s
Swanky Décor
Meticulously carved traditional furniture pieces made from a very rare and
special Indonesian wood called sonokeling form Frestro’s décor. The result
is a modern looking space that feels warm and comfortable. It’s strikingly
beautiful but not intimidating. It’s perfect for an intimate dinner and
excellent for after-party drinks late at night.
Fresto & Bar
Jl. Petitenget no.108, Kerobokan, Bali 80361.
Phone : +62 361 9345 888 | Email :
| Facebook : frestro bali | Instagram : frestrobali
Opening hours
: 08.00 – late
Drinks With a
A nice cocktail is made great when you can
have a conversation with its creator while
enjoying it. Frestro’s handsome state of the
art bar is designed exactly for this purpose.
Even more so, the ingenious mixologist
shaking your martini, Ayid Dzuhri, loves talking
about his craft and creations which are mostly
inspired by Indonesian tastes and spices. His
team will also happily tell you if they’ve just
acquired a rare bottle of tequila or gin.
Fresh Gourmet Food
reated by celebrity chef Mandi Warokka, known for his excellent cooking
technique and taste, all items on Frestro’s brunch, lunch and dinner
menus are made from the freshest ingredients and prepared with an
artisan’s flair. The fungi pizza, adorned with taste of truffle, is heavenly;
the raw aged “Charolais” beef tenderloin melts in your mouth and the
hand-made spaghetti is simply delicious. Manned by Singapore-trained
executive chef, Jovan Koorag, Frestro’s open kitchen also serves tasty
brunch from 8am daily.
Artisan Gourmet Cuisine
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